My Business Cards – The Walking Dead Edition

Walker – grrr…

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I have a stack of business cards somewhere from all the jobs I’ve had since I graduated from college – maybe even before that. I’m not sure I have the complete set, but among them I’m described as a food and beverage manager, a director of technology, a painter, an author and a moving man.

Soon after joining the Brooklyn Heights office of the Corcoran Group. My new business cards arrived. As a convention of the industry, something new was printed alongside my name, position and contact information – my real estate agent portrait.

Wooly WillyIt’s was good picture – I had a friendly smile and a smart suit, but something about my clean shave and bald head reminded me of the Wooly Willy face you’d see on toy racks in discount stores when I was a boy. You know – the blank, bald face you decorated with a hairline, brows and beard using a magnet pen and iron filings.

“How great would that be?” I thought. Maybe I could get the Wooly Willy people to run a line of promo kits for me. Then it dawned on me – it’s no longer the 1970s. It’s a new millennium. We’ve moved way beyond iron filings and magnet pens. We have computers and PhotoShop.

In honor of that realization, as an homage to Wooly Willy, I have used my portrait as a canvas and initiated a series of variations of my business card.


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