Humpback Breaches in View of the Verrazano

This video was published on YouTube June 15, 2016 by Holly Bosshard



Humpback Whale

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Just a Kid from Brooklyn


Coming to Prospect Park this Summer

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Captain America: Civil War


with Jim Haines & Jim Kelly

I planned to meet a few friends for the opening night of Captain America: Civil War. I bumped into an old friend in the lobby who was there to catch an earlier show. I was chided by everyone I knew at the theater that I had dressed like a real estate agent to see a comic book movie… Comic book movie??? Aren’t these real estate movies???


Falcon & Cap talk Brooklyn real estate.



Tony Stark dabbles in investment properties.

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A Trip to Ellis Island

Ellis Island, early 20th Century Ellis Island, Early 21st Century

On the trail of our immigrant ancestors…

I chaperoned my daughter’s third grade class on a field study to Ellis Island.

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24 Long Island Marathon Wins!!!


Just a simple word of acknowledgement and admiration, because years go by – decades even – without extending kudos for a monumental task – today, my brother Peter won the Long Island Marathon for the 24th time. Congratulations, Peter!!!


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My Business Cards – The Walking Dead Edition

Walker – grrr…

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I have a stack of business cards somewhere from all the jobs I’ve had since I graduated from college – maybe even before that. I’m not sure I have the complete set, but among them I’m described as a food and beverage manager, a director of technology, a painter, an author and a moving man.

Soon after joining the Brooklyn Heights office of the Corcoran Group. My new business cards arrived. As a convention of the industry, something new was printed alongside my name, position and contact information – my real estate agent portrait.

Wooly WillyIt’s was good picture – I had a friendly smile and a smart suit, but something about my clean shave and bald head reminded me of the Wooly Willy face you’d see on toy racks in discount stores when I was a boy. You know – the blank, bald face you decorated with a hairline, brows and beard using a magnet pen and iron filings.

“How great would that be?” I thought. Maybe I could get the Wooly Willy people to run a line of promo kits for me. Then it dawned on me – it’s no longer the 1970s. It’s a new millennium. We’ve moved way beyond iron filings and magnet pens. We have computers and PhotoShop.

In honor of that realization, as an homage to Wooly Willy, I have used my portrait as a canvas and initiated a series of variations of my business card.


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Ancestral Home – 1930s Butler Street, Carroll Gardens

Ancestral Home 1930 Cobble Hill

A text from a friend:

  • So my sister is doing family research and found this (Butler between Smith & Hoyt) is where my grandparents first lived as newlyweds with their first child. It was 1930, they were 23 & 26 and according to the census they paid $25 a month rent.
    Hmm what would it go for now? Lol.

The property she asked about had not been on the market for 20 years, so I looked up recent sales and rental activity of comparable properties in the neighborhood.

  • The two family house on Butler has a projected value of $2.4 million. One bedrooms on the block currently rent for $1,800 to $3,200 a month – 76 to 128 times what your grandparents paid.
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Farewell Patty Duke

Patty Duke

“Patty’s only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights…”

God bless you, Patty Duke.

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2016 Park Slope St. Paddy’s

This was Ella’s 4th year marching with the Buckley School of Irish Dance in the Park Slope St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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A Sunday Afternoon in Bushwick

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